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Flowers make me Smile

During my time in Thailand, I have become increasingly interested in gardening. This hobby is not an easy one and takes time and patience to reap the rewards, especially when you have a dog that digs up your plants all the time. BAD OLLIE! Besides the frustrations, it’s really something seeing seeds sprout from nothing and grow into these amazing plants, that give us food and beauty. When I first began, with limited space, I started growing lettuce, cucumbers and basil and over time I have moved towards different things. In our new house, I have much more space to grow a variety of plants and I have been taking full advantage. At the moment in the vegetable garden I have basil, tomatoes, beans, lettuce and summer squash on the go, all organic of course! This post however is not about the vegetables, it’s about my new passion for flowers. We have some flowers blooming in the back section and they are all looking great. Luckily Ollie doesn’t dig much in the flower section. We can’t really figure out his passion for digging up the vegetables, but my hunch is it has something to do with ants (we have loads of ants) or maybe dogs just like to dig.

When I started, I was all about the vegetables, and didn’t give much attention to the flowers, but things have changed slightly. I think it might have something to do with my girlfriend and her love for these radiant plants.¬†Our house is divided into two sections. The front and the back. The front has been allocated for the vegetables and the back and left side of the house, for flowers and any other plants we feel might work in that area. We (Angela and myself) have put a lot of work into the back garden and it is finally showing some promise. From being a dusty pile of nothing, it has been transformed into something with potential.

We made some garden beds using old coconut shells, that we obtained from the market for free. These beds are where most of the flowers have been planted. I would say nearly 90 percent of all the flowers we have, were started from seed, so its been a good long wait to see them bloom. It has been an interesting hobby thus far and definitely worth all the time and effort. I am now more inspired than ever to get stuck in and make this garden brighter and more colorful than before.

this is the back garden before the hard work.

beds made from old coconut shells

we bought some soil to mix in to the beds

Ang adding good soil to the coconut shell beds

This is what she looks like today. It's still a work in progress.

beautiful hibiscus flower

some bougainvillea flowers

a sunflower gone wrong I think. missing a few petals

another sunflower looking a lot healthier

this is my favorite flower in the garden

I know I said this post was about the flowers, but here are a few pictures from the vegetable garden.

Italian basil making good progress

the lettuce was difficult to get going, as Ollie had a field day digging up all my seeds on a regular basis

a baby chilli bush with some potential

these long beans just won't stop growing

tomatoes coming along nicely

these baby cucumbers started off well, then crashed for who knows what reason.