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Classroom Olympics

Recently I had the awesome opportunity of hosting a classroom olympics unit with my kids. I was teaching comparatives and superlatives at the time, and after some research, stumbled upon the idea of a classroom olympics competition. It just made perfect sense. I spent some time on it and came up with these activities.

1) Who is the fastest runner?
2) Who has the loudest voice?
3) Who can write the most words?
4) Who can write the fastest?
5) Who is the stongest? (arm wrestling)
6) Who can hold their breath the longest?
7) Who is the best singer?
8) Who is the fastest backwards runner?
9) Who is the fastest on one leg?
10) Who can jump the furthest?
11) Who can jump the fastest?
12) Which team has the fastest wheelbarrow? (One student holds another students legs in the air, while his hands touch the ground)
13) Who can throw a ball the furthest?
14) Which team has the most points in a superlative quiz.

So basically you split your class into different teams. I had teams of five students. Students must then think of a name for their team or they can choose a country. Once each team has a name, you can start the games. If your students don’t know about the olympics, you could pre teach some vocabulary or even show them a video to give them a good idea of what they will be doing. For each event, all teams need to put forward one student to compete. I had a piece of paper I had prepared, with all the events on them and numbers one,two and three for gold, silver and bronze. After each event I would write the top three students names down. I would then ask students :

Who is the fastest?
Is _____ faster than _______?
Is _____ slower than ______?
Who is the slowest?
Is ______ the fastest?

running backwards for some of the students was a little difficult. had a few tumbles, which they all thought was hilarious

these kids can jump!

my assistant teacher Pee Kung

Who can stand on one leg the longest didn’t really work out. They stood for about 5min and no one was ready to let this one go, so I had to give it a skip.

rain delay

back to the games

this one was so funny. Who can shout the loudest? The kids loved it!

the one legged hop

some cheating going down!

running backwards is always a tricky one

getting the results in

not a happy camper

the wheelbarrow

this was a funny race. the kids had a big laugh.

After all the fun and games it was down to the real business. Prize giving! I had downloaded some certificates and medals from abc teach and printed them off. Due to the lack of facilities at our school, I could not print anything in color, but that didn’t matter too much to the kids. They were just as proud winning first place with a colorless medal and certificate. I drew a podium on the board and then began calling the events. First bronze, then silver and finally gold and first prize. I gave first prize winners a certificate and a medal. The kids really got into the the idea of winning gold and even put on some good dramatical displays. Some pretended to cry and others really gloated their success. It was great to see the kids really get into it and become the characters they needed to be.

Bas 2 the fastest runner

well done Tang! The loudest voice.

Bas again. This time for the fastest on one leg.

Good job Biw. The best singer.

Well done Fit. You can jump the furthest.

Jade has the loudest voice

Aom you are the best singer

finally had all the events up on the board with first, second and third place. students had to write the superlative for each event into their notebooks

M 1/2 hard at work

Phung and Book


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